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Fancy Carpets

Before we want to explain the principles of carpet arrangement and how to spread it to you friends, we must mention this point, just as carpet can create a wonderful and beautiful feeling in our homes, not observing the correct and flattening tips It can cause confusion and confusion in the decoration and layout of our home.

We have to admit that despite the many advances that have been made in the field of production of various and wide floor coverings, but still for us Iranians, carpet is still considered as the best floor covering with a significant difference.

In fact, carpet in homes is an organizing and regulating element, floor covering, focal point and sometimes a decorative element.

In many cases, we see that no matter how hard we try in our house and change the location of the sofas, we still see a kind of clutter and disorder in the decoration, unaware that the main problem is not the location of the sofas at all, and It’s the size of the rug that makes this happen.

One of the principles of carpet arrangement is that when buying and choosing a carpet, in terms of size, act in such a way that after spreading the carpet in the desired position, the sofas have the ability to place the back bases on the floor and Front bases on the carpet.

Of course, do not forget that this is more for choosing the right carpets for the interior and reception, and for bedrooms and hallways, you have to act differently.

In some homes, the sofas used are different. If the sofas in your apartment are also in this category, it is better to do this instead of using the principles of carpet arrangement that we mentioned above:

Chairs that have a different shape from the sofas, it is better to place all four legs on the carpet, and the sofas should be arranged in such a way that the two front legs are on the carpet and the back legs are on the floor.

With this, you can manage your home space and create any kind of layout and decoration that you want and turn it into a modern space.

The next thing that needs to be considered is the use of small rugs in the reception, which are basically handmade.

Since handmade rugs are generally expensive and if they have a small size relative to your reception area, it is better not to place any of the sofa bases and chairs on it.

By doing this, you will achieve two goals, first, that your rug will show itself more, and on the other hand, the maintenance of your handmade carpet will be better.

After the reception and the bedroom, it is time for the kitchen and dining room. Remember that you need to buy and prepare large-sized rugs in such a way that when the dining table is placed on the rug, the space is suitable for the front and rear seats on the rug.

Otherwise, when the position of the carpet chair is changed, they will be moved with them and the disorder will give properties to your dervish, and also the design and beauty of your carpet will be hidden under the bases of the chairs.

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